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Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Staffordshire Hoard: Warfare, Aggression and the Use of Trophies


  1. How did I miss this when it came out?

  2. Doh...!
    Actually, I wasn't blogging very much when I put this up.

  3. Do you feel that as this was a metal detecting find, found in a totally innocuous place that metal detectings has helped the archaeologists understand Saxon history.

  4. That sounds like a weighted question! Why do you ask?

  5. Hello Guy- long time no see!
    I see that one of the sword guards found in the Staffordshire hoard is for a single-edged blade- presumably a langseax. To the best of my knowledge, that is the only piece of evidence from Britain for a langseax having a full sword-type hilt- the blades that have been found have bare tangs, with no trace of sword-type guards or pommels: unlike the Norse single-edged swords, which almost always have guards and pommels. Has anyone else picked up on that?
    Best wishes,
    Peter Bone


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